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Development History


In 1955, Beijing Department Store ,the predecessor of Beijing Wangfujing Department Store was founded, is the first state-owned department store of our new People's Republic of China. Be praised as “the First Store of New China”.


In 1984, the company as the pilot project of Beijing, the reform of “separating the politics and the enterprises, and simplifying the politics and transferring the power” was executed, and in the plans of Beijing national economic and social development was independently pursued.


In 1991, Beijing Wangfujing Department Store Group was founded based on Beijing Department Store.


In 1993, the transformation into the joint stock system was conducted and Beijing Wangfujing Department Store(Group)Ltd. was established.


The company was listed in Shanghai Securities Exchange in 1994.


In 2000, the Group completed the strategic restructuring with Beijing Dong’an Group, becoming the largest retailing group in Beijing.


In 2004, the company was listed as one of the 20 large circulation enterprises especially supported by the Ministry of Commerce of China.


In 2010, successfully widen the capital scale) by being invested by Stated-owned Assets Management Center, CITIC Industrial Fund , Fuhai Guosheng 3 strategic investment groups.


In 2013, Wangfujing International, the majority shareholder of Wangfujing Department Store (Group) acquired PCD Store (Group) Limited. The same year, with the help of the internet economy, new Group has been put into implementation of the strategic restructure.


Wangfujing department store and HengDa group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, with both sides in their respective resource advantages and market influence, in the field of in-depth cooperation, build a new platform strategy development.